VaxTrax Reporting System Guide

System Requirements 

The Vaccination Tracking application is currently supported on the following web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Anybody from "on campus" (including the VPNs) will be able to connect to If you are off-campus, you will need to be on the VPN to use the application. 

Logging into the System 

1. To access the VaxTrax system you will need to log in with your NMSU credentials. 

login screen

2. This will bring you to the home page which gives you 3 options for reporting. 

reporting screen

3. Choose either Vaccination Tracking, COVID-19 Testing Tracking, or Approved Exemption Tracking. 

Vaccination Tracking 

4. To fill out Vaccination Tracking you will need to select vaccination record or vaccination card from the first dropdown 

5. Select which vaccination type you received from the second drop down. 

6. Select the number of shots received from the third drop down. 

screen showing steps to upload vaccination status



7. This will auto populate Shot Date boxes. Enter the dates for each shot here. 

8. Upload a file for proof of your vaccination. Click choose file and select the image you want to upload.

screen showing upload process 

*NOTE: The application only accepts the following file types: PDF, JPEG, JPG, PNG 

9. Check the box to certify the information being provided is valid and accurate and click submit. 



COVID-19 Test Tracking 

10. To submit a COVID-19 Test you will need to fill out the testing status, either positive or negative in the first drop down. 

11. Fill out the date you were tested in the second drop down. 

12. Fill out the testing result date in the third drop down. 

*NOTE: The 90 days will automatically populate with a positive test determined by the testing date. If test is negative no date will be present in this box. 

Steps to upload testing information

13. Choose a file to upload for the proof of the COVID-19 Test check the box to certify the information is valid and accurate and click the submit button. 

14. If a positive test is submitted, the message box at the top of the page will direct you to a link to the NMSU self-report form. You will also receive an email with the link as well. 

Approved Exemption Tracking 

15. To submit an Approved Exemption you will need to fill out the exemption start date and choose a file to upload for proof of the exemption. 

Submit test

16. Submit this by checking the box to certify the information is valid and accurate and click submit. 

17. You can check to see your reporting history at the bottom of the page where it will display your entries and you can view the attachments you submitted.