Summary of Policies, Guidance and Directives for Visitors

Much like NMSU students and employees, visitors to each of New Mexico State University’s campuses are responsible for following all current public health orders and travel restrictions and for taking all steps needed to minimize the possible transmission of COVID-19.

Vendors, lessees, entities occupying NMSU assigned building space

Vendors, lessees, or any entities that occupy assigned space in NMSU facilities systemwide must adhere to the NMSU vaccination and testing protocols. It is the responsibility of the vendor, lessee, or entity to track their employees and report any non-compliance to the director of the NMSU facility.

Contractors and vendors with no assigned building space

General contractors or vendors including, but not limited to, construction contractors, mail/package delivery services and other daily services rendered within NMSU buildings that do not occupy assigned building space will comply with the NMSU Visitor Commitment.

90 Day Testing Exemption

Individuals who have tested positive and are within their 90 day “no test period” should upload their positive test result and note the date the test was administered. The VaxTrax system will record a testing exemption for 90 days.