Travel Guidelines

Updated: 07/29/2021

Decisions regarding travel must be made in accordance with current New Mexico travel guidance. Travel to high-risk locations is discouraged.

Decisions about domestic travel should be made at the supervisor level, according to normal university policies and procedures. Decisions about international travel should be routed through the Office of the Provost.

When using university vehicles or traveling on university business, unless you are traveling alone in the vehicle, all occupants must wear a mask regardless of vaccination status. When possible, windows will be rolled down in order to provide maximum ventilation. If weather or dust make it impractical or hazardous to keep windows down, each driver will ensure that air within the cab is being ventilated rather than recirculated by the vehicle’s air conditioning system. This does not apply to open air utility vehicles, although individuals may always choose to wear a mask in these vehicles, as well.

Questions related to education abroad, including faculty led international programs (FLIPs), should be directed to Education Abroad at 575-646-5107 or to

Questions related to National Student Exchange should be directed to the Office of Experiential Learning at 575-646-5107 or to Kari Cena, National Student Exchange Coordinator at

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