Guidelines for campus visitors and events

Much like NMSU students and employees, visitors to each of New Mexico State University’s campuses are responsible for following all current public health orders and travel restrictions and for taking all steps needed to minimize the possible transmission of COVID-19.

Any visiting faculty, vendors, contractors, outside community members or other campus visitors who exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 should not come to any NMSU campuses. These individuals should stay home and contact their healthcare provider.

Vendors and contractors visiting campus must complete a visitor commitment form for vendors, which will be provided and collected by campus offices for each individual visiting campus. This form will be submitted to Procurement Services and filed with each vendor’s profile.

Visiting faculty are subject to current public health orders and NMDOH travel restrictions that apply to travelers entering New Mexico for business purposes.

Resources for campus visitors

In alignment with current public health orders from the State of New Mexico, all visitors to campuses within the NMSU system must wear a mask or face covering at all times, indoors or outdoors, unless eating or drinking.

Only NMSU students, NMSU employees and those conducting official business with the university are permitted inside NMSU buildings. Zuhl and Branson libraries are closed to the general public at this time.

Anyone visiting an NMSU campus must follow all signage and instructions posted indoors and outdoors regarding face coverings, social distancing, the use of access doors, and traffic flow directions.


Guidelines for events and gatherings

New Mexico State University has a strong relationship with the communities we serve. Under normal circumstances, NMSU invites alumni, donors, community members and other guests to each of our campuses to take part in events and gatherings. These activities help NMSU bring our educational mission to our community, as outlined in our strategic plan, NMSU LEADS 2025, Goal 3: Amplify Extension and Outreach.

The following guidelines balance the need for events during COVID-19 and the obligation to mitigate the risks of these events. For this guidance, events include a coordinated gathering of five or more individuals at a location within the NMSU system for a purpose outside a normal workplace or instructional meeting.

Decisions regarding gatherings must be made in the interest of the health and safety of our university community and in accordance with current public health guidance. NMSU will continue to reassess this guidance and update these temporary restrictions as appropriate. 

The university encourages virtual, online activities whenever possible. Requests for gatherings larger than five individuals must include a compelling reason for the gathering which cannot be accommodated in a virtual environment.

These gatherings and similar activities may be permitted at the discretion of the applicable campus leader, dean, vice president, or equivalent authority as long as they adhere to current public health orders.


Student events and gatherings

  • The normal Activity Request process is in place for student events.
  • Requests that require academic space, can be submitted to University Student Records via the Event Scheduling website following approval by Campus Activities.
  • All student organizations should review the revised and updated Student Organization COVID-19 Policies.


Employee, department and NMSU-sponsored events

  • Employee gatherings, outside of normal business, must follow all rules and public health guidance, as outlined by the NMDOH.
  • The event request process begins by submitting the Event Request Form.
  • Event requests, with their safety plans approved by the Department Head or Division Director will be reviewed and approved by a group from Auxiliary Services, EHS&RM, Fire, Police and F&S. The plan must be submitted at least two weeks in advance and include the date, time, duration, and location of the event; the names of attendees; and steps outlined to ensure social distancing, requirements for face coverings and other measures to ensure the healthiest possible situation.
  • Requests requiring a reservation of academic space, can be submitted to University Student Records via the Event Scheduling website upon approval.


NMSU special events

  • Special events at NMSU will follow all rules as outlined by the CDC, NCAA, Western Athletic Conference and NM Department of Health.
  • Concerts and other performing arts presentations must be scheduled in accordance with rules outlined by the CDC and NM Department of Health, after these events are approved at the state level.


Community events and gatherings

  • Community members seeking to rent space at NMSU for an event must ensure the event follows all rules and public health guidance, as outlined by the NM Department of Health. Current public health orders describe allowable gatherings as part of the Red to Green system implemented by the New Mexico Department of Health.
  • Outdoor spaces at each NMSU campus are available to the general public, unless otherwise indicated by sandwich boards, signs or notices to the community. Outdoor activities and gatherings that follow current public health orders are permitted. Such gatherings include, but are not limited to exercising, picnics, fishing, and other instances where people gather for activity. Indoor spaces remain restricted to university business only.

Resources for events and gatherings