How to use Med+Proctor

For Faculty and Staff

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Vaccination documentation and exemption requests from new NMSU faculty and staff will be accepted through Med+Proctor, our new partner for document and compliance tracking. Med+Proctor is integrated with the NMSU Banner single sign-on system and will provide the information directly to those monitoring compliance at NMSU. Acceptable documents for proof of COVID-19 vaccination are either a state-issued vaccination record or a COVID-19 vaccination card.

For exemption requests, complete the CDC form  and provide any supporting documentation when uploading your files.

How to submit vaccine documentation and exemption requests

  1.  Log on to Med+Proctor  using your Aggie Access credentials – the same email address and password you use to access
  2. After logging in you will be prompted to select a $10.00 charge for review or proceed for free. Select " submit your health forms for free without the upgrade. " There is no charge for students students or employees to use this use this service. 

  1. After selecting FREE, you will be prompted to enter your profile information. Complete the required fields and then click continue.

  2. After you click continue, you will be directed to your documents page. Select the document type from the menu. 

    Document Type
  3. After selecting the document type, click on the choose files button. Choose your files from your computer (document, picture, etc., in jpeg or jpg format preferred) and click upload, then click continue.

    Choose Files

  4. You will receive a confirmation page and notification that Med+Proctor will notify you by email when your submission is approved.