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COVID-19 Policy FAQs

In alignment with the updated public health order for the state of New Mexico, masks are no longer required inside New Mexico State University buildings or facilities. Masks are still required at NMSU’s Aggie Health and Wellness Center and must be worn by food service providers on campus. Those who are isolating or quarantining should also continue to wear masks, according to CDC guidance.
Students enrolled in exclusively online courses are exempt from the vaccine requirement, provided they do not live on campus and will not visit campus at any time to fulfill program requirements or participate in activities. If you enroll in in-person or hybrid classes in future semesters, you must comply with the requirement.
Yes, all NMSU employees must comply with the vaccination mandate announced in October, even if they are using an approved Alternative Work Arrangement and working remotely.
Individuals who have tested positive and are within their 90 day “no test period” should upload their positive test result and note the date the test was administered. The VaxTrax system will record a testing exemption for 90 days.
No. Dual credit students or early high school education students are not required to adhere to the vaccination and testing policy. They must follow their school district policy and adhere to the NMSU visitor commitment while on NMSU system campuses.
No. Adult education programs that do not require a Banner ID for credit enrollment are not required to adhere to the vaccination and testing policy. They must adhere to the NMSU visitor commitment while on NMSU system campuses.
On April 18, 2022, NMSU's previously announced booster requirement was updated. Beginning July 1, 2022, NMSU will require employees and on-campus students to only obtain a primary series of COVID-19 vaccinations. While NMSU encourages boosters, these are no longer required. As of May 5, 2022, COVID-19 testing is no longer required either. Importantly, NMSU has a process for anyone seeking an exemption to these updated rules.
Yes. You should update your vaccine card on VaxTrax to reflect your booster shot documentation if you receive one. Students who are not employees may upload their documentation to Crimson Connection or to VaxTrax.
Yes. Vendors, lessees, or any entities that occupy assigned space in NMSU facilities systemwide must adhere to the NMSU vaccination requirement. It is the responsibility of the vendor, lessee, or entity to track their employees and report any non-compliance to the director of the NMSU facility.
No, but general contractors or vendors including, but not limited to, construction contractors, mail/package delivery services and other daily services rendered within NMSU buildings that do not occupy assigned building space must comply with the NMSU visitor commitment.